Haven't got my reward for Evolved Sheamus online match


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    WB Gamer

    Hi there, just confirming that you are on iOS or Android.


    If you are on iOS, make sure you restart the game first.  To guarantee a restart, double-press the button on your device.  Swipe away at WWE Immortals to completely remove it.  Then tap on the game again to start.  Go to Online Match and by rights, you should get your rewards.  Also make sure you are logged in to your WBID account.  What I am thinking that may have happened is when the last online challenge has ended and a new one begins, the server may have difficulties communicating with your game to determine its status,  As soon as you have restarted the game it should go back to normal.


    If you are on Android, I wonder if anyone else has had this issue before?  Can you provide some insight into this person's issues?



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