Raiden Broke(n)?


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    Hi Squeeble,


    You will probably find that newer characters that come into WWE Immortals take on new idiosyncrasies that operate outside the norm.  Though I can't vouch for your experiences with Raiden, my Raiden (running on IOS) does sometimes have difficulties with deploying his signature immediately after he blocks his opponent's, and sometimes when performing a basic attack, there is a lag in game play responsiveness that makes it difficult to make his initial blow connect with his opponent.


    In saying that, though, his other idiosyncransies can work in his favour.  For those, check my tips and tricks on Raiden.  Otherwise, my best advice when your Raiden performs in a certain way for you is to work with him and adjust to suit his characteristics to get the best out of him.  Good luck.  kman64

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