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    Hi Shadowuser,


    I am not WWE, just a fan of this game (since November 2015) who wanted to say hi.


    As you are probably aware the WWE SSD is on tonight at the 'G.


    As a local from Victoria, Australia, I will be there tonight to see my FIRST EVER wrestling match live.


    It will be a huge thrill for me and my family.  If I don't see you there make sure you watch it and hope you enjoy the show.


    In relation to the game, let me be the first one to sympathisise with you.  When I was playing at my peak of my powers,I had to contend with playing online matches that were completely hijacked with LVII Platinum gorillas with GS=600 constantly.  And yes, I regularly beat these teams 49 times out of 50. 


    Of course 99.9% of them cheated to get these characters because how else could you explain how these online users have such a low experience level (<< 99) and yet acquire all these characters and all their gear on the very day the new release of WWE immortals came out?


    And I am battling them with my gold characters if you don't mind.  And I will never have platinum characters, because as you have rightly pointed out, they are simply too hard to attain legitimately. 


    In retrospect, my attainment of my gold characters is a badge of honour to me.  It is important for me to say this because I am proud of my achievements, especially the journey on how I got there.  I did it the hard way, over 2 and a half years, and NEVER cheated in getting there. 


    And you should similarly feel proud of yourself because you shared a similar journey such as mine.  Don't ever lose faith, because you are not alone!


    And so from one fan... to another.  I salute you.



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