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    Hi there,


    The guy in question must have deployed a hack so he is able to obtain a billion "points", most likely in the form of WWE credits.  It's possible that you might be referring to a billion "renown", which is the unit of currency in Online matches (which if that is the case, he would have won first prize for the Evolved RR Tournament).


    And if he has a billion WWE credits, he could buy anything from the store that uses WWE credits to purchase.


    Unless, of course, he deploys another hack that allows him to obtain a billion "Platinum" bars, which is another form of currency in WWE Immortals.  Which he could then use to buy tonnes of Platinum Packs.  Which he could then use to acquire Platinum characters.  Which he could then upgrade them to their maximum using the Platinum packs.


    Yes, the guy's a cheat.  A hack.  A fake.  But why waste any time talking about him?  At the end of the day, he is nothing.


    Instead, let's talk about you.  From your post you say you have been playing for a long time.  That makes you a dedicated follower of the game, right?  That makes you a fan.  Isn't that fantastic, isn't that something that should be celebrated?


    As a veteran who has played the game for nearly 3 years (though not anymore as I am taking a well earned break), I encountered plenty of hacks and cheats (with their Platinum Gorillas with Deflect, Deflect, Deflect etc etc) on the Online version, and have beaten them all using my humble Gold characters. 


    I share your burden.  I share your pain.  But know that there are others like you that are feeling similarly.  And also know that you are not alone.  That's the way it is unfortunately.  So chin up.  Be proud.  And seek vengeance



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