Cheat to win Players


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    WB Gamer

    Hi there,


    I have faced these gorillas since the November 2017 update. 


    The Nov 2017 update introduces the Platinum characters into the WWE Immortals universe.


    Can you believe my "astonishment" when, on the very first day the update came out, you have online players already acquiring 3 Platinums with 600 GS?  But I am not surprised...


    You do know that most of these online players are cheats and hacks, right?


    Given I don't have any Platinums in my collection (and won't after trying six times with the Platinum pack and have been unsuccessful each time), I just take pleasure in beating them up with my 3 Golds, thank you very much...


    So my advice to you is to don't give up.  Chin up, and seek vengeance instead.


    And you need advice I think I can help.  I know how to beat these gorillas up every time.  Just talk to me via the forum.  Take care, kman64

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