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    Hi all,


    So onto this week's topic.  And a quick question for you: What is the highest rank you have achieved in an Online games?


    I have to say that although I play about 90 minutes a day, every day for the past 2.5 years, I can NEVER reach the dizzying heights in terms of my ranking compared to the other die-hard fans out there.  You know who you are, but in case you are wondering, all you need to do is look up the Leaderboard.


    The truth is, I don't always play Online.  I try to keep it to within about 30 minutes a day.  I need to keep my lifestyle in balance, that means I can't keep playing for hours on end. 


    But I also sometimes play Challenge mode. I sometimes play "Play" modes (for farming credits) and play Zombies Invasions (whenever the opportunity presents).


    If you look at my current profile, you might wonder how I was able to get my highest ranking of 2?


    The answer is simple.  I just start playing Online when a tourament starts.  For me who lives in Melbourne, Australia it is about 9am in the morning.  I find if I put in a solid 15 minutes playing the Online games and finish a match as quickly as possible, it's surprising how easy it is to get your highest ranking up. 


    And the best thing is that the ranking stays with you for LIFE.  It's means a lot to someone who is planning on retiring soon.  Cheers, kman64

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    Hi everyone,


    For this week's topic, I would like to ask the WWE Immortals fans out there, what would be the funniest moment you have ever experienced during game play?  The laugh out loud moment that was so funny, you just had to tell someone?


    I have two of them that I would like to share to get things rolling.


    The first involves the Stone Watcher The Rock.  We all know that the Rock has a bit of an ego, and likes to strut his stuff in the ring.  So a funny moment for me would be after he executed his Peoples Eyebrow signature 2 against my Ancient Druid Sheamus.  Then immediately before the Rock has any time to ponder his next move Sheamus would do an Irish Curse signature against him, knocking him out!


    The second involves Solar Assassin Nikki Bella, and how I always wanted Nikki's passive to knock out two Immortals at the same time.  This occurred during the Zombie Invasion match up.  All I had to do is get a Gold player to do two signature 2 attacks against a Zombie, and combining it with Ultimate Royal Rumble.  Once the zombie was knocked out, all I had to do is tag in Nikki Bella and within one second, both of my opponent's bronze opponents were knocked out when they were tagged in.


    Now it's your turn.  Over to you.  kman64

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    how I always wanted Nikki's passive to knock out two Immortals at the same time.

    I saw this passivie twice but not understand why.

    does any other card have this passive?

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    The idea behind this trick is to gear your Gold or Platinum Immortal with Ultimate Royal Rumble.  Ultimate Royal Rumble has the potential of dealing up to 25% damage to your opponent's team.  So when you play a  Zombie match in which your opponent's team consists of one Gold zombie and two Bronze characters, you get your Gold or Platinum Immortal to do a siganture 2, and especially if you manage to do two of them against the zombie, then by that stage, your opponent's Bronze characters will have zero health but not knocked out.  That's easy pickings for Solar Assissin Nikki Bella.


    In answer to your question, only Nikki Bella's and Skull King Triple H''s passive can result in knocking out an opponent.  The problem with Triple H's passive is that it doesn't work when your opponent is forced, not tagged, to enter the ring.  If you knock out a character, the next character is forced to enter, so Triple H's passive doesn't work.


    There are also other WWE characters whose passives cause damage when entering the ring, namely Raiden and Giant Big Show.  Unfortunately, the developers have decided that even if their passives can cause more than enough damage to knock an opponent out, they won't; instead you will need to physically hit them yourself.



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    Hi all,


    I would like to take this time to say good bye.


    Just for the record, I have posted some images, that being my All Time Ranking in WWE Immortals-dom, and also my current ranking.


    So officially I finish on 45,407310 Renown, ranked #1089 in the all time list.  I am easily ranked in the top 1% percentile.  Pretty good effort!  This is also what spending about 30 minutes each day playing Online quests since January 2016 up to Thursday 17th May 2018 gets you in the end.


    I make it a habit or ritual to do just enough to fulfill the daily quests, though sometimes I do go above and beyond, such as when playing the Ladder matches, or getting enough Challenge credits.  Sometimes, when I really felt like challenging myself against those Platinum Immortals on steroids I would get that thrill once in a while.


    But I won't reach the heights of the true hard core fans who can generate 10x my renown.  And never will.


    I have always been an advocate of getting a balanced lifestyle, so it's important to not spend excessive amount time on playing games.  So go out and visit friends, get into a daily exercise routine.  Spend time with your family.  Persue hobbies and pastimes.  So if my scoreline is any reflection of what a dedicated fan of this game should strive for, then that is an ideal model to follow.


    Take care, kman64

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    Hi all,


    Having not played this game for awhile and not knowing wherher there is going to be a new version of WWE Immortals... I have decided that along with the migration of the forum to Zendesk to retire from futher contributions tp WWE Immortals.


    To the Moderators of this forum:


    It would really please me if, once you transfer all the data from the WWE Immortals to the new system, to also include my posts.  I have spent a lot of time, effort and LOVE into making my contributions into these forums interesting, enjoyable and thought provoking.  Some of those people who have replied have expressed a lot of thanks - but not the simple kudos that takes a second to register - these thanks were heart felt, appreciative and even deeply emotive!


    I have include STACKS of tips on how to play this game - this is something I hope players of WWE Immortals will find extremely useful on how to play this game to win - legitimately.  Please make sure these tips survive for the lovers of this game!


    Please also preserve my opinions on WWE Immortals, particularly my views on the HACKERS, the CHEATS, and the FAKES!  If you  have read my opinion pieces on them, you know they are very prevalent and disruptive in the Online format, compared to those who play fairly, legitimately and by the rules, myself included. 


    To the TRUE fans of WWE Immortals:


    "Just accept you can't get rid of the hacks and the cheats of the game so you need to learn to play against them - play to win.  Choose your best players, your best gear.  Prepare well.  Play to your strengths.  Don't despair!  Don't give up!  Know that you are  not alone, and if you write me, I will be thinking and write for you".


    Good bye, kman64 (karmanho@y7mail.com)

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